Internationally celebrated and locally renowned artist Mac Worthington has been creating his abstract art and home decor since the 1970s. From art galleries to exhibitions to private collections his work embraces both color and space with a sense of creative movement. His sweeping pieces showcase his impressive talents as both an artist and interior designer.

While best known for his work in heavy metal art, Mac’s unique cityscapes, American flags, urban landscape paintings and modern interior decoration, or as he calls it “functional art”, have rightfully always captured the attention of the art community with his pieces inhabiting landscapes, residences and businesses across the United States, Canada, Europe, South America and Asia.

Born to artistic parents in Canton, Ohio Mac’s passion for art seems destined. His father was a well-known bronze sculptor who provided many of the athletic busts seen in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and his mother worked in enamel and silver. This love of metal art and sculpture was in his genes but wouldn’t lead Mac to a successful career until his artistic roots combined with his various real world experiences.

One of the major impacts on his concepts of modern art were his interpretations of the indescribable feelings of war he gained from going to Vietnam at a young age. Teaching himself to weld he used steel and iron to create massive, grandiose outdoor sculptures, creating beautiful abstract art and wall decor. Now Mac works with mostly aluminum, stainless steel, and heavy texture acrylic on museum stretched canvas but it’s safe to say that he excels in whichever medium he uses to create his signature pieces.

Despite the volume of contemporary art and home decor that Mac has sold all over the world, he brings with him the unique ability to make each piece feel like it’s the only one he’s working on. Mac adapts his radically abstract paintings and expressionistic sculptures to work to fit in most environments, which creates a uniquely collaborative feel between artist and viewer. Each piece showcases the energy and excitement Mac has about modern art while still begging you to draw your own interpretations.

Whether it’s a piece hanging in his gallery or one of his many commissioned pieces Mac never stops evolving in both the modern art world and in the realm of interior design. His original metal work American flags or abstract cityscapes are never boring and push the envelope of contemporary art. His ability to design transformative pieces for your home decor has earned him unending exposure and well-deserved respect. A Mac Worthington piece looks like nothing we already know, but his dedication to his work and his customer guarantees it will look just right in your home, landscape or business.

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