Media Relations

"Creates dynamic forms that capture the magic of Motion. Their moire finish capture light in a wavelike pattern, suggest the quivering of muscles ready to burst into action. The dynamism of the sculpture is irrepressible. Worthing's sculptures activate space with brio"
Jacqueline Hall
Columbus Dispatch Art Critic

"Worthington ably holds up the three dimensional aspect of the show. Through his inventive use of geometry, the sculptures effectively dominate their space. Worthington's heroic modern sculpture works on a larger-than-life scale"
John Carlos Cantu
Ann Arbor News, Michigan

"For Worthington, it's all about design & style. His primary motivation is to create a piece that will live on. Flowing designs and workmanlike appearance"
Chris McIntosh
Art Critic - The Eagle Gazette
Lancaster, Ohio

"Unique and exciting new element. Mac's intensity and vision as an artist is identified in the bold, unique images he creates. Incredible sculpture"
Gail Geshwilm
Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission

"Imaginative genius, combined with a lot of sweat and labor transformed into inspiring pieces of artwork. Brash, whimsical, well-conceived. He knows how to handle his medium and he does it very well. A Mac Worthington is not boring!"
The Fabulous Short North Magazine

"Creates overpowering works of art".
The Delaware Gazette

"Imaginative genius!"
Mike Vasbinder

"Art Works that are a sleek and shining as anything out of the most sophisticated sci-fi film".
Art Thompson, Editor
Short North Gazette

"Creates a sense of movement and are carefully composed. His strong use of line continually moves the eye and makes viewers pause just to make sure nothing is actually in motion or flight"
Ann Nichols, Arts Writer
Chattanooga News

"Three hundred pounds of polished and brushed aluminum dance effortlessly, high above the three story stairwell in the new Cuyahoga County Public Library"
June Bailey
Westlife News, Cleveland, Ohio

"The artist has an unfailing sense of composition". "They echo TV homes of the rich and famous". "He is a major art force in the Midwest".
Elisabeth Ann James
Art Review Critic, Columbus, Ohio

"His signature style and bold design captured motion drew the onlooker into the outsized stainless steel and aluminum sculptures"
Chattanooga (Tn.) Free Press Arts Review

"A highlight is the Mac Worthington Studio where Mr. Worthington shows his dramatic metal sculptures"
Cincinnati Enquirer

"I especially like Worthington's "Jay Leno" which elegantly proves in aluminum how less can be more"
Jan Findley, Art Critic
Venice, Florida

"The subject of Worthington's sculpture is wonderful. Worthington's use of materials is sophisticated, handled beautifully".
Joe Loccissano, Juror
"Face and Form Exhibition"
Venice Art Center, Florida

"Worthington's worldwide popularity translates into Worthington being a local treasure"
The Ohio State University Lantern
Eddie Solis, arts writer
"A Columbus Icon"
Kaizaad Kotwal
arts feature writer

"An incredibly respected artist"
Allen Schulman
President-Canton City Council 

"A long standing pillar in the short north arts scene "
Columbus Alive Magazine

"A staple in the Columbus community for decades"
William Ahhley, Outlook Magazine

"Bold & compelling work" 
City Scene Magazine

"Vibrant Sculptures, continues to challenge himself with new bodies of work & processes, Worthington is at his best when he concentrates on design and movement, shapes allowing the eye to move effortlessly about the piece, underscores Worthington's gifts as a designer and craftsman"Christopher Yates - art critic - Columbus Dispatch

Mac is a creative sculptor with a very unique talent. His work can be seen both locally and all over the world. A Mac Worthington sculpture is a great addition to any landscape, residence or business that becomes the immediate topic of conversation. 
Jon Saia

Mac is a very talented and very creative artist as well as a very interesting character. We commissioned MAC to do some custom artwork for us and it turned out fantastic. His artwork transformed our barren walls into something quite dramatic.
Tom Hickey

I have commissioned several works from Mac over the years, both decorative and functional pieces. Not only is his art wonderful, Mac is great to work with from a business standpoint. He is always very professional, meeting all sorts of commitments responsibly and on time. I'd be happy to do with business of any kind with Mac. Of course, the art is the most important thing, and that is of course superb.
Doug Winship

Mac is a gifted artist and true professional. He has a unique ability to listen to your wants and desires and incorporates his personal expression into truly unique and beautiful artwork. We are truly blessed to have such a talented artist located here in central Ohio. I have worked with Mac on a number of pieces and am proud to call him a friend. I strongly recommend you review his work, you will not be disappointed!
Joe Hamilton

Mac is an individual with a confidence that we could all use. This shows in his work
Becky Barrie

Mac's work with metal sculpture is extremely unique. Most importantly, he's willing to work with each client to customize his art pieces. Love his stuff!
Tom Holliday

Mac is a professional at the highest level. He is creative as well as inspirational.
Debbie Weate

I became a fan of Mac Worthington since I first walked in to his gallery in 1998. His one of a kind designs of brushed steel, and his awesome vision won me over. Since that time, I have acquired at least 6 table top pieces, 5 wall hangings, a coffee table, and 2 end tables. Plus, I have purchased pieces for family and friends as gifts. Then, when I built my condo, Mac came in and designed an island and resting bar for my kitchen. This work impressed the builders of my condo so much, that they featured my home in a local Columbus magazine especially featuring Mac's work. As you can tell, I will always recommend Mac. Keep creating Mac!
Bob Talley

Mac come to our home and worked with us to design a unique piece that was perfect for the space we wanted to place the artwork. The final sculpture is unique and adds real beauty to our home. A great conversation piece. Mac was a pleasure to work with
Gary Katz

Mac is a wonderful Artist !! his work pushes the limits of creativity ! I have always been amazed by his work !! Great value and prompt service !! ONE OF A KIND !
Jon Stefanick

Mac is an exceptionally creative artist who creates abstract works in aluminum with neon accents (recently). His works are displayed around the world. A book has been published about his artwork. I have 7 of his creations in my home and yard. Several were commissioned and the outcomes were as promised, timely and wonderful
Dr. Charles Johnson

Our family has been deeply touched by all of Mac's masterpieces. We have been privileged to bring his artistry into our home. I couldn't recommend him enough....he is not only a fabulous artist but an extraordinary humanitarian!
Heather Wieland

Mac is a true artist . As well as a true professional . I've been a fan and patron of Macs' work since the early 90's . I've yet to be disappointed . I highly doubt that I , or anyone else for that matter , will ever be . Keep up the excellent work !
Jeremy Stefanick

Mac initially visited our home to modify a sculpture we had purchased at a silent auction. During his visit we discussed designing a piece for a very large wall and for a piece for a small shadowbox area on the second story above the front door of our home. His pieces are unique and designed to your specific needs. We receive many compliments on his work. 
Rhonda Hill

What can I say about Mac Worthington? Brilliant, idealist, visionary, craftsman, pure genius! One of a kind art pieces that do not come from a box.
Johnny Brown

Our organization has commissioned original works from Mac Worthington on a number of occasions. Several of Mac's creations adorn the walls of our office. His pieces are truly unique, and we receive frequent compliments on them. Mac's artistry and creativity give our space a one-of-a-kind visual appeal.
Patrick Higgins, National Church Residences

Mac is unbelievably creative and his passion flows out of his artwork like something alive and moving. We have 3 of Macs pieces and love each one. Everyone who sees our pieces react the same, "awesome"!
Emma Lyon

Mac is a "true" artist, the best. His unique style of color and harmony sets him apart from other artist working in the same medium. Mac’s works, be it sculptures, reliefs or paintings, all tell an individual story with its varied shapes and design. Mac's work is destined for museums throughout the world.
Mr. H.L. Wright

On his website, Mac Worthington describes his art as “extraordinary, powerful, exciting“ and as someone who visits his gallery regularly and has seen everything from oversized paintings of hearts and ceiling-tall wall sculptures to mini-paintings of flags and tabletop martini glasses, I certainly concur. Mac has a unique imaginative vision that bursts from every piece he creates, whatever the medium. His captivating crushed metal creations – named for famous automobiles and motorcycles – are simply its most recent expression. If your taste in art leans toward the colorful, whimsical, and wondrous…you won’t want to miss Mac’s work
Ann Titchenal

Mac is a unique artist. Art is subjective but Mac can adapt his work to fit in most environments. He quickly becomes a friend. Mac's work adorns our home, office, and other facilities. When looking for art to decorate or just please the eye, we always seek out Mac either to purchase or for advise.
Bob Vela

I have done business with Mac off and on since the early 1990's and followed his career as an emerging artist: from his early years in photography to his transition into metal, and his current exciting and transformative explorations into color and 3 dimensional style with the Crushed Interpertations series. -His finest yet. I expect great things from Mac Worthington. He is Central Ohio's stand out artist to watch.
Kelley Bell-Wenzlaff

I have 2 rooms full of Mac's art and everyone loves the work he has created since the day I put it in my home. Mac does a great job of tailoring pieces to your taste and home.
John Seif

Mac is an artist of great creativity in his artwork as well as his business. He is professional and always accommodating. It is always a pleasure to work with him.
Linda Schulman, Corner Gallery

Mac Worthington Studio in Columbus, Ohio is a very unique studio filled with some of the most beautiful and unusual art forms in a wide variety of mediums. This studio is the perfect place for the eclectic collector to find one-of-a-kind works of art that are sure to be treasured and appreciate in value for years to come. I would highly recommend all collectors and art enthusiasts alike to visit this amazing place and enjoy the beauty that is Mac Worthington Studio.
Vicky Kimble.

We Love our "Erotic Sunbather":) Life has been awesome for us since you brought your creation into our home!! Thank you for making me smile everytime I pass by your work of art!! We truly do love it.
Wayne & Mary Ann Petrie

I want you to know you are the most amazing artist I have ever met!
Liz Jang

Fantastic wall sculpture! I really love the energy with the contrasting forms and textures.
Daryl Stokes

"Mac's gallery is great! He is very talented, great contemporary, abstract art!"
Short North Arts District

Mac did a great job for us - he met us at our house, brought all kinds of ideas with him on his laptop, we picked out some concepts we liked, he designed a prototype on the spot, we agreed, he produced it in about three weeks, brought it out and hung it on our wall. WOW - what a full-service kind of guy - we love the sculpture and get great comments from everyone that sees it - I would highly recommend Mac Worthington for any custom art job you would want.
Don & Patti Grey

I bought my favorite painting a Z gallery about 6 years ago, but then I stepped into Mac Worthington Studio and fell in love.
He has such amazing pieces there, especially for my contemporary liking. I truly do love all the items in your gallery! I've enjoyed looking at the artwork in your albums on FB too. Great stuff!
Ashley Curl

Thanks for doing such a perfect job with Jeff and Steve. Your work is amazing but the whole experience... your presentation, service, communications are timeliness... all that rolled together left only enthusiasm and excitement for them to enjoy.
Su Nimon

"I became a fan of Mac Worthington since I first walked in to his gallery in 1998. His one of a kind designs of brushed steel, and his awesome vision won me over. Since that time, I have acquired at least 6 table top pieces, 5 wall hangings, a coffee table, and 2 end tables. Plus, I have purchased pieces for family and friends as gifts. Then, when I built my condo, Mac came in and designed an island and resting bar for my kitchen.
This work impressed the builders of my condo so much, that they featured my home in a local Columbus magazine especially featuring Mac's work.
As you can tell, I will always recommend Mac.
Keep creating Mac!"

The piece is absolutely perfect we couldn't be happier! Thank you so very much!!!! Can't wait for our family and friends to see it too!
Keith & Beth Chlapaty

Thanks for delivering the sculpture to our friends House in Worthington, the Shepherd's.The sculpture looks better every time I look at it and study it from another angle.It will provide me and Cherie years of pleasure.I cannot wait to get it home here in Fort Myers.
Ron & Cherie Weaver, Ft. Meyers, Florida

"He does AMAZING work and his professionalism and talent is unbelievable."
Mykel David

"I love Mac's work - he is from the Columbus, Ohio area. If you EVER want some really cool modern art - check out Mac - has a gallery in the Columbus, OH area but a stop at his home is worth the visit - a very down to earth, cool guy!!"
Ginger Virkler

"Worthington is a prolific creator who's been a staple in the Columbus arts community for decades and has exhibited all over the world."
Columbus Alive Magazine

"He is the best, certainly that Cols has...and nationally and internationally known"
Ellen Woke Joodi

"Mac Worthington is one of Ohio's greatest artists"
Brian Heffeman

"Every piece is seriously pure and absolute perfection. That's next to impossible to ever come across. Work is of amazing style and influential"
Cory Davidson

"I just have to give a shoutout. I'm in a sharing mood. If you haven't checked out this guy's work, you totally should. Everything he does makes me happy! Mac Worthington, such a talent!"
Michele Kiefert

17 years ago, I commissioned artist Mac Worthington to create this amazing piece, Last Dance," for my husband. It withstood snow, sleet, rain, heat and everything inbetween. Mac made it just like new for our beautiful patio! Check out his work and new downtown studio at Mac Worthington.comThanks, Mac!


  • Extremely well packed. Kudos to the company that you  used.
  • The delivery service was very professional and prompt. Called me several times to give me an indication as to when  they will be here.
  • Overall the delivery was made in a very  short time. About 5 business days.
  • We  loved every aspect of the sculpture. Maureen loved the blue color. You  captured our thoughts on the  'hot spot' on the sun well.
  • A breeze to hang. Your  providing the bar for  hanging worked like a charm.
  • Fairly priced.
  • You were easy to  work with and  apparently really care about satisfying  your  customers.

Roger and  Maureen Marken